A wink ;) means i love you are that your hott!
;)your hott i love you!!
by Sam August 11, 2004
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A common emote used to indicate one's passive aggression on the internet.
Billy: Could you just focus the healer please?
Danny: Could you just kill yourself ;)
by Pathetic Peasant October 13, 2016
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The fruitiest emoticon. Used only by teenage girls. Often mistaken as an acceptable way to express sarcasm or flirtatiousness. Actually just makes you sound like a douche.
Hey, you're coming over at 7, right?
Yeah, see u then. ;)
Uh. Yeah, okay.
by LeeAyeLa May 08, 2011
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an emoticon that, in use, can have positive effects when talking to the opposite sex usually indicating a sexual encounter, emotion, or a desire for such with said person you sent a ;) to.
guy: ;)
girl: yo we should fuck
by AidsAreRad March 13, 2018
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