a face used when conversing in im lingo.
commonly referred to as a spitting face, used to demonstrate that you are in fact joking.
by thegamer102 May 17, 2009
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the most annoying thing my boyfriend sends over every text message. meaning a tongue sticking out at you. things like ":p", "::PPP" and "d:" can also be used but please in moderation.
text convo:
me: hey what's up?
my bf: nm u? ::PP
by shawty royal June 18, 2008
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a sexual innuendo, a way to jokingly imply sexual desire, indirect sexual insinuation, sexual reference by not saying that you want a person, sexual gesture that can either be a joke or not.
I wish I had someone here to brush my hair... :P
You are prettier than her. :p
by iainttellingnoone April 17, 2011
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Someone sticking their tongue out at you, possibly wanteding to lick or suck you
A: :-p
B: Ooooh, that felt good
by bno September 07, 2003
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