An anime face that resembles a kitten's face, it is often used to indicate sarcasm, 'I didn't do it!' kind of thing, or seeing something cute. Some anime characters, like Konata from Lucky Star, has the kitty face. It has a colon, ended with the number 3.
Person 1: This image is so cute! :3

Person 2: I didn't post it! :3
by MisaTange July 07, 2009
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Used in IMs and IRC chatrooms to mimic Grumpy Cat. The :3 represents the infamous nya face, whereas the added ( represents grumpiness/displeasure.
21/12 & still here. Worst Apocalypse Ever :3(
by lezboyd.i.am December 23, 2012
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Contrary to popular belief, this is actual a pair of balls on someone's face.

Guy 1: "I'm so clever :3"
Guy 2: "haha, it's a ballsface!"
by Superawesomedoodprinny January 04, 2009
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An emoticon used to resemble a smile or grin that is usually expressed by anime and/or manga fans.
"Lol, I LOVE NARUTO SO FREAKING MUCH :3" (Sorry if I'm stereotyping)
by Thatoneguy95lovaxD October 08, 2011
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1)Dusche Face
2) The face a person makes after saying something arrogant.
3) The face that every Apple Computer user has when in public.
I have a Macbook Pro... What kind of computer do you have? :3

My parents are giving me a 2010 Ford F350... What kind of car do you have? :3

Oh! It looks like i have a call on my iPhone. :3 I should take it... It must be important since it's on an iPhone. :3
by Don't go to Texas. August 14, 2010
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Usually used by Girls, Catfish, Weird people. Mainly used by weird people and Catfish, you can tell its a catfish when they do the :3 in every sentence.
Girl on Whisper: Hoi!!!!!!! :3 im 16 :3
Guy: Cool
Girl on Whipser: Wyd :3 ????

Guy: nm
Girl on Whisper: Okay :3 :3 :3
Guy: Alright you can stop catfish... you're probably like 34
"Girl" on Whisper: Uhhh :3 ... Yeah you got me, and no i'm 56.
by ChoppaFTN May 17, 2016
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an internet used face, (Facebook, mostly) to try & look cute.

used by stuck up, snooty girls (ages 12-16) or gay boys. they say this is supposed to look like a cat " :3 "
i say it looks like a damn walrus.
Telia- Oh, i love Deryk, he's so sweet. :3

Mellika - i knoww. but wth with the walrus face?

Telia- it's not a wlarus -___-
by person who you will never know January 23, 2011
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