because the idiots above pissed me off, here is what a /b/tard is:
a /b/tard is one who actively posts or lurks on the /b/ board at either,,,,, ebaumsworld, ytmdn or countless others. to those who it concerns, yes in writing this i am breaking rules 1 and 2, but you will get over it.
there is so much more to it than this, but that is all you need to know.
/b/ does not exist. Move along, sir.
a /b/ tard is the guy who tells the cripple ahead of him in line to hurry up.
a /b/tard is first to get to the window to see the car accident outside.
a /b/tard is the one who wrote your number on the mall's bathroom wall.
a /b/tard is a failing student who makes passes at his young, attractive English teacher.
a b tard is the guy loitering on Park Ave, the one that's always trying to sell you something.
a /b/tard is the one who handed his jizz-drenched clothes to Good Will.
a /b/tard is one who introduced you first to Goatse.
and so on and so forth
by xak December 15, 2007
those whose lives revolve around the /b/, or "random" section of 4chan.

see also btard and /b/tard.
"ah fuck, we're surrounded by b-tards"
by STEPHASAURS April 18, 2007
A fully oiled part of the Internet Hate Machine

They are domestic terrorists who will blow up your van
Person 1: Shit, looks like the /b/tards are heading your way
Person 2: It's okay, I shut my curtains and bought a dog. You can't get me now, Internet Hate Machine!
by AnonymousNigra August 19, 2007
typically found in 4chan's /b/ random folder
a /b/tard is
1. an elite force of the internet
2. a drop in the all-crushing sea that is anonymous
3. male, racist, virgin, white, 18+ years old, with a cock the size of longcat
'/b/tards unite! We are anonymous! We are legion!'
by partyvan September 6, 2006
One who joins other internet superheroes in the poasting of content on /b/. A true /b/tard knows all the memes of the land and is disgusted by nothing. A true hardened warrior.

7chan, 4chan, iichan, 12chan, that crazy russian /b/. It doesn't matter. We are one. Anonymous does not forgive. Anonymous does not forget. We are legion. We are Anonymous.
"Holy titanic hermaphroditic shitting dick nipples Cock Mongler, I must be a /b/tard."

by Conductor Cat November 12, 2006
/b/tards are witty, intelligent, well adjusted members of society with Honda civics, a mortgage, cats that they don't light on fire and successful careers as lawyers, documentarians, and public officials. They have two lovely children and beautiful wives (because, you see, they are all heteronormative) that they met sitting next to on a flight to fiji.
well, I have been thinking about becoming a /b/tard
by anonymous9001 February 7, 2007