1:A white, adult, male, virgin usually suffering from some form of autism

2:One who pretends to be a hacker, although they're only capable of DDOS attacks on websites through sheer numbers, and occasionally defacing a myspace page.

True hackers crave recognition, after all.

3:One who hides behind anonymity so as not to be exposed for the sad, lonely, obese, gollum-like creature they truly are.
Def 1

Dude: "why doesn't he ever make eye contact?

Dude 2:"he must be a /b/tard."

Def 2

"gb2/b/ n00b!"

Def 3

"without /b/ i'd never experience any social interaction, thanks 4chan!"
by HeroicNigra March 26, 2008
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A pathetic loser!Typically a 18-60 year old male who can't get a date with a real woman. Often lives in a family members basement.
Usually a racist. Loves to play WOW and other gay role-playing games when not on /b/ or looking for porn.
Often found in 12-16 year old girls chat rooms on stickam, blogtv or some other webcam site. They think they are cool when they use misspelled words 4 code..examples..Pl0x, tiem, liek, nao, bewbs, noob, etc...little do they know that it really makes them look like an idoit. A /b/tard's favorite saying is Tits or GTFO. They say (type) it over 9000 times daily! /b/tards love mudkipz. They are the reason we can't have nice things. /b/tards are not disgusted by anything! They can watch a midgette get beheaded while fucking a dead horse covered in maggots, all while eating a sanwhich and laughing. /b/tards think it is funny to ruin someones life: Especially a beautiful young lady with a bright future. /b/tards are scum of the earth and are truely sign of how our society is failing in general. /b/tards are proud to be the scum that they are!
Did you see all those /b/tards raiding that poor girl's chat room last night? She was scared shitless! Those /b/tards found out all her info and threaten to come to her house and rape her! What a bunch of losers!
by howdydudey August 04, 2009
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someone who spends all their time on 4chan's image board /b/.
this person usually knows all kinds of internet words and acronyms such as gtfo, newfag, oldfag, and candlejack (oh shi-).
a /b/tard can usually be seen by their knowledge of all things random, and their knowledge of fellow /b/tards.
hello anon.

gtfo of my /--/ you /b/tard and get back to /b/!
by femanonn July 11, 2008
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Shortened form of bastard. Used when one is too lazy to use full word, or when full word would be inapropriate.
that stupid /b/tard doesn't know about the rules 1 and 2
by WestPhiladelphian February 09, 2008
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1. A prominent member of 4chan's /b/ board.
2. A mindless noob who invades innocent sites for fun.
3. A lover of furries and scat porn.
4. One who dwells in the asshole of the internets.
That guy is such a /b/tard.
/b/tards give the internet a bad name.
All /b/tards are pedophiles.
by Thelostcup August 29, 2006
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