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known in the computer programming industry as the comment block.

Comment blocks are used to note, descriptively, a particular inline coding block in order to tell the programmer and other programmers the code's purpose. These blocks are often more than one line otherwise // will be used for comment one liners.

Comments would be place in between the asterisks or, for the one line comments, after the double forward slashes.

It can also be used in everyday informal comment typing online to indicate to another person that their comments would be 'comment blocked.'
/*actionscript code for object 'obj' will be placed at x-coordinate 10, of the cartesian coordinate plane of the stage.*/
obj._x = 10;

obj._x += 10; //obj will more 10 points on x-axis

a person types a response: That's inappropriate! I'm going to /**/ you!
by awesomagic April 11, 2011
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