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As well as being an insult by itself, tard can also be a wonderful, magical, multipurpose suffix that will make insults even more imaginative and quite possibly more insulting.

Be imaginative with your choice of prefix.
Words ending in tard:

1. Person A: DRAGONBALL Z IS TEH ROCKZ!!!!111one!!

Person B: That guy isn't just your standard tard...he's a bloody smacktard.

2. Person C: LOL! Did you see Person A fall over into a bush? What an asstard!

3. Person D: Man, Person A is such a god damned gaytard.
by Metalhead For Life November 11, 2006
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A hard on induced by a retarded person.
Dude, that girl from special ed gives me a raging 'tard on!
by Billyclub Lenny February 5, 2007
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One lacking intelligence, or acts like a fool. Has no connection with one who has a disability.
Did you see Tom at recess? The tard fell of the slide when he was playing tag.
by AJ FO SHO November 30, 2007
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Referring to someone who is retarded.
Have you seen
a Korean guy around here?

Yeah, only when
I open my eyes though, Tard.
by Dr.Bogo March 15, 2007
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Residents of the Australian state of Victoria. Commonly used in a football context.
Adelaide United will tear the Tards a new one next week!
by Ozzybuds March 9, 2006
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Australians, in particular, people from the state of New South Wales often refer to people from the state of Victoria (especially people in Melbourne) as "tards". Often aimed at Melbourne Victory Football Club in chants at A-League football matches around the country.
(To the tune of my old man said follow the van)
My old man said be a Victory fan
And I said bollocks you're a c**t
We hate the tards and we f*ckin know it
We hate the Tards and we're gonna show it
With Zdrlic and Yorkie, Pierre Litbarski
They're the boys that's gonna do us fine
And if you support the Tards then you're a Melbourne b*stard
And you ain't no friend of mine
by westhamlet March 9, 2006
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TARD: Acronym that stands for "Trump Accountability Rejection Disorder", but can be used in the same way as the non acronym version.

TARDs: Plural of TARD

Refusal of former members of the GOP party, now known as trumpublicans or tRumpTards, to hold resident tRump accountable for ANY of his numerous crimes or immoral characteristics.
Me: That guy in the MAGA hat evidently suffers from TARD.
Wife: That's not very nice to say about someone.
Me: No, TARD is an acronym. It means Trump Accountability Rejection Disorder.
Wife: What?
Me: Even though he's done blatant & obviously illegal & immoral crap before and after getting into office, even as much as blatant obstruction of justice, FEC violations (paying off a porn star), abandoning our allies (the Kurds), and even admitting to holding back military funds from Ukraine on the condition that they dig up / manufacture dirt on a political rival; his supporters in the GOP refuse to hold him accountable for it.
Wife: Okay yeah, right. That seems legit..
Me: But I use the term & acronym interchangeably when talking about tRumpTards anyways.
Wife: Sighs....
by John [word] Smithy October 21, 2019
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