A person's stupidity flares up when they make a totally retarded remark.
Larry had a tard flare when he said George W. Bush was the greatest president ever.
by WildBill8844 March 1, 2015
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An annoying person who only listens to dubstep. They are the kids rolling and womping the hardest at shows. Usually have on jerseys, flat bill's with pins from shows, and bring glowsticks.
David: Sup bro you hitting up the Bassnectar show tonight?

Schaefer: Yea bra I've been womping out all week in my apartment jammin' some Skrillex. Sonny's bass lines are SICK bra absolutely FILTHY!! Pumped for Bassnectar ready for the first drop!!!

David: Damn what a womp tard.
by blayzinjimm68 July 25, 2012
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the tard guards who have to do the dirty work
that tard wrangler just ran down two tards
by JakeLaurie April 12, 2017
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a person responsible for herding retards from one area to another.
why am i still working as a tard wrangler
by stupidretard420 October 4, 2006
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A person who is both fat and stupid. A dumb lardass.
That woman is a fatty, and she is really dim and dumb. That makes her a lard tard.
by PMax February 10, 2008
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The Caitlin clit-tard forced her man to have sex without a condom.
by Banana Hammie October 27, 2019
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the light headed feelng you get after power dragging an entire cig
yo man i got mad cig tarded last night cuz i didnt have any more weed
by barbieclit May 15, 2011
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