Cool girls. Terrible taste in men. The ones I've seen Ems with are usually psycopaths. Na: always. You will usually find an Em in a City or by the sea.
There's an Em. She could do better.
by Don'tbeacuntallyourlife May 03, 2020
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1. A typically short girl, who makes up for her lack of height with her extreme beauty, hilarious sense of humour and outgoing nature.

2. Another word for a somewhat violent and openly bitchy girl who hates many people, but for good reasons, and is not afraid to voice her opinions.

3. Term used for a girl desired by many, but remains faithful to her one true love, even when he treats her like shit

4. Rare term used for someone holding a large grudge against a few certain others for obvious reasons, and would like to hurt them in various ways. See freya, hannah, sarah
1. Wow, I wish I could be like her, she's really em

2. She's got some guts, I would love to be as em as her, but I'm too scared.

3. Maria: I don't know how she puts up with it!
Hinvid: Well, she's an em I guess...

4. Oh my god, we need to avoid her, she's really em at us, we'll end up in hospital!
by emmelii March 26, 2007
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Mark: Hey look Em is literally a God.

Kyle: tbh
by Hobissobrino June 22, 2020
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A crazy lass who is mighty crazy. She enjoys to get down with the best of them, and likes to have drink-offs with bikies. All in all, a wild person. Often reffered to as Emmer
Whoa, look at em over there, she sure knows how to stack them up then knock them down.
by Sly Devil April 24, 2004
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the coolest bestest person in the world, my best friend, w/o her i'd be dead, hahaha control 5
I love em!!!!!
by Laura February 03, 2004
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