Hot Asian Girlfriend. A commonly used complimentary term in Sydney's gay community for good looking asian chicks who go out with a straight white guy. Not to be confused with a 'fag hag'.
Who is that chick with your brother? That is his HAG.
by Bee-artch May 21, 2011
When a straight woman goes out for a night on the town with a gay male(s). Also called Fag-Hagging, Fag-Haggin, or Haggin. Considered also a play on words between Hag and Hang.
Theresa: Hey Julie. What are you up to?
Julie: Oh Just Hagging with Michael and Tom tonight. Do you wanna double?
by DeJerk May 2, 2009
A metaphor for representing women who make it their living to be the biggest bitch possible, symptoms include, cheating, lying, rudeness and a depraved pattern of living.
Person A: that chick with the moon tan is the biggest Hag, she cheated on you with me
Person B: don’t worry man she is just a Hag
1.) A single woman who's only romantic feelings fall for her Gay Best Friend

2.) Quintessentially, the wife of a gay man.

(You may notice a hag called "Fag Hag" but, most will get offended with that little addition because it is so derrogatory and demeaning to her best friend.)
Grace, from Will & Grace, is Will's Hag. I mean, they are practically husband and wife.
by MandyAlwaysKnows May 13, 2008
Used to describe an ugly person or thing. Short for haggard.
I never realized how hag she was without makeup.
by Miss Lamb June 20, 2009
Maybe come 2008 the Democrats will pick a candidate with a sense of humor, instead of that ugly hag.
by Dr Fruitcake August 5, 2005