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the hottest muscle that a guy could have. it is the line of muscle starting by the hip bone and ending as far down as possible(by the groin)
"That lifeguard is sooooooo hot. Look at his bod especially his "v" muscle"
oooo lala
by kayla March 12, 2005
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Something women expect all men to have in order to not be called ugly, but when men do get this, all women care about is the body of the male and not who they really are inside. So they get laid a lot. When this happens, men get blamed for being pigs. This is known as "Feminism"
Dude: Yo lovely lady, i got a good personality and a cute butt.

Lady: Ew, no sixpack, build in coffee maker of "v" muscle, go away.

Dude: But i got blankets and movies to caress you softly in!

Lady: Freak. Go away or im calling the cops.
by Poopscootch May 11, 2014
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