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A fluid of varying colour and viscosity, from brown and chunky to green and runny. This fluid is excreted from the areola when the nipple is squeezed. Beware! if "hormonal lubricant" is built up it can become projectile and has a nasty habit of getting in the eyes of innocent bystanders.It is important that you test your self for this malady. The next time your in the shower grab hold of the area around your nipple and squeeze, directing pressure towards the areola(not applicable if you are pregnant or a cow). If you test positive for HLM ("hormonal lubricant" malady) seek professional help right away.
Harry: Ohh look my nipples are all ridgy, i'll squeeze them...
The Guys: why?
Harry: I can make "hormonal lubricant" come out!
**Squeezes nipples HLM comes out, sprays crowd**
Everyone else: Ewwwww thats vomitastic
by Hans Brix May 16, 2006
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