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The, "Your and You're" Disease (YYD) is obtained when one is bemused whether to utilize "your" or "you're" to their statement or an interrogatory question as an example. "Your" is a possession, used to describe one's property or item. "You're" is a contraction for the words, "You are", although it does not matter which one is selected from "You're" and "You are". Many may attain this syndrome if they are exposed to:

- Social media memes

- The repetition of others typing wrong from right

- Lack of education

There are no known antibiotics nor medicinal syrups and pills to dispose of this disease, but there are a few procedural actions one may do to reduce the disease in general so it is barely noticed by others.

- Get a grammar book

- Learn from others

- Get an education
Person A.) Hey, your getting robbed.

Person B.) It seems your brain has already been stolen.

Person C.) Now that's some acute "Your and You're" Disease!
by Ninja of Logic May 26, 2014
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