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Stephen Andrew Lynch - born July 28, 1971 in Abington, Pennsylvnia, is a brilliant American stand-up comedian, musician and Tony award-nominated actor who is known for his songs like "Craig" "Special Olympics" and "HermAphrodite" mocking daily life, taboo thoughts, and popular culture. Some consider him vulgur(but there realy just angry homophobic closet fags), and other just find him hilarious. Lynch has released one studio album and two live albums along with a live DVD. He has appeared in two Comedy Central Presents specials and starred in the Broadway adaptation of The Wedding Singer.
"Steven Lynch" sings - And I know full well that I will burn in hell, but those guys playing wheelchair basketball gotta be about the funniest fuckin thing ever seen in my life, WHERE at the special olympics.
by Colt Lacy October 02, 2008
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