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Created by MLIAers (, the "I love you" texting fad swept across the nation. With people texting random numbers saying, "I love you," MLIA became a love-spreading mini-phenomenon. And although the MLIAers were sending out a kind message, a lot of receivers complained and threatened to call the authorities. With the creators of MLIA getting email after email of complaints of the site users sending anonymous texts, this fun hobby became a big problem. Eventually, created a page about the dangers of texting people you don't know, and soon after that, the "I love you" texts decreased significantly.

But although the texting has subsided, a simple "I love you" is known throughout the world by the users of MLIA.
Person One: "Have you heard about the '"I love you" texting? Supposedly a bunch of people are sending out random texts telling people they love them."
Person Two: "Man, I want an 'I love you' text."

Person Three: "I love you!"
Person Four: "My life is average."
by Grrzzlygrrl August 18, 2009
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