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The scene in movies and tv shows when one person is about to tell another person something, but the other person interrupts and says something that convinces the first person not to say anything. The other person usually finds out the truth anyway. This scene is being over used in tv shows and chick flicks
The classic "I have to tell you something" moment

Girl: (thinking) I don't want to go out with this guy, he's weird! I'm gonna break up with him.

Guy:hey how are you?

Girl:I have to tell you something.

Guy:me too... My aunt just died after a long, painful battle with cancer and her dying wish was for me to give you her priceless diamond ring. So what were you gonna tell me?

Girl:Uhhh... (in fake voice) I just wanted to say I'm so excited were going out yaayyy...
by afroman473 July 23, 2009
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