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(n) - The theory that a word as versatile as the "f" word can be used at any point in any sentence without sacrificing grammatical soundness.
Guy One: Did you hear about Albert Einstein's new "f" word theory?
Guy Two: Oh my God yes! That man is truly brilliant, people will use "f" word theory until the end of time.

Examples (as a noun):
1. Stop being such a fucker!
2. I don't give a fuck!

Examples (as a verb):
1. Fuck my life!
2. Go fuck yourself!

Examples (as an adjective):
1. My balls fucking hurt!
2. This is such a bad fucking day!

Examples (combinations/extreme "f" word theory):
1. Fuck this fucking fucker for fucking denting the fuck out of my car.
2. Maybe if you weren't such a fucking fuck, then all the fuckers in fucking America wouldn't be so fucked right now.
by Master Exploder 69 April 23, 2009
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