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Active Aggressive Type of person. "AA" Type Persons acts on others without needing to be acted upon. Usually acts against the advancement of "R" Type people.
"R" Type Person 1 "These "AA" Type people are nothing more than a Narcissistic horde trying to push their self-indulgent dogma down our throats. It wouldn't be so bad it they would be direct about what they are trying to accomplish but they are more concerned with preventing our reaction than accomplishing their goal. No better than the white supremacists they claim to despise they live in fear of a minority of people. ("R" Type Person)

"R" Type Person 2 "Yeah, "AA" Type Person are a contemptible lot. They act on others as though they are always going to like the reaction the are going to receive or that their will be no reaction."

"R" Type Person 1 "My response may be unfavorable but it's not like I just walk up and act on people who aren't acting against me"
by And wordz August 08, 2018
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