When you don't get laid for awhile, your in a slump. So you screw a girl that you would not be seen in public with unless you were intoxicated.
Yo Banksta!!! that girl last night was a SlumpBuster!!! I bet she was happy this morning when she seen you!!! LOL
by Ryan Ren a.k.a. Lil 'RR' August 28, 2008
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Any person that ends another person's long spell of sexual inactivity.
*does not apply to virgins
Guy at Party: "Hey man, are you two together"
Guy previously in Slump: "No way dude, she's merely a slumpbuster."

by Jack McFadden September 01, 2006
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A female that is used to end to end a period lacking females. A slump buster is, generally speaking, less than what one's standards would be, had the person using the slump buster been in a time flourishing in the female department. It is usually looked back upon as a mistake.
Sean: Dang, did you see that fat chick Josh was making out with?
Jared: It's fine, we've all had our fair share of slump busters.
by J Mane May 16, 2010
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a slutty girl that baseball players have sex with in order to break a slump.
I went 3 for 3 today thanks to that slump buster last night.
by Johnn b February 16, 2008
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A freshman college girl, who starts the year as a cute beer guzzler at the local fraternity party; who then becomes 20 lbs heavier and willing to go home with any guy who needs a piece of ass.
Everybody has the hook up tonight, I need to get the slump buster over here to take care of my business.
by SPEKick April 20, 2006
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That team in your Fantasy Football League you know everybody lays the Hammer to.
I am going to hammer those drunk guys in our Fantasy Football League. They are a slumpbuster.
by Ziggy's Pack October 06, 2010
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a person who likes having sexual intercourse with someone much larger than they are.
Big girls need love too, so its okay to be a slumpbuster.
by Panda1993 August 18, 2012
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