me, personally from staten island, can say that you guys over exagerrate on the whole staten island stereotype. this whole island isnt filled with assholes, and i bet you you haven't even been to staten island before, so just stop talking bull shit. yeah i live in south shore, and so what? i'm italian, i'm not orange, i dont have tips, i dont walk around like a skank. yeah i have a north face and have coach and chanel bags, what about it? we wax our eyebrows, i would hope you do too. girls wear tight pants, no shit, do you want us to look like guys? you might think we're spoiled but if you look around im sure there much more spoiled kids where you live. we have an accent, and im pretty sure you have one from where you live too. so stop stereotyping and dont open your mouth if you dont know what your talking about. kay thanks.
Girl 1= you from staten island?
Girl 2= yeah.. why?
Girl 1= you talk & look like one.
Girl 2= good, i'm glad... you look like your from a shithole.
by courtney and jessica January 25, 2008
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AKA Garbage Dump.

Staten Island is a large garbage dump located South of Manhattan. All of the trash from Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, and some parts of New Jersey is transported there via the Staten Island Ferry, and dumped in a large pile in the center of the Island. This garbage then proceeds to rot, and can be smelled from the surrounding land masses.

The tribe of people that live there, known as Guidos, burrow into the piles of the garbage to form dwellings.
Martin: "What be that smell?"
Franklin: "Staten Island"
Martin: "Ew"
by Barry White Jackson Friend March 19, 2008
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a place where about 15 people out of the entire population think. kids in staten iland all look the same and if you have an above 50 average people think you're a nerd. even if you are 400 pounds and are the ugliest kid ever you will get as many girls as you want if you 1. spike your hair 2. where a northface jacket 3. are italian 4. are stupid 5. wax your eyebrows. everyone thinks they are in the mafia and thinks they are from the street even though they are all rich as hell.
i went to an ice skating rink in staten island once with a friend, and we were literally the only guys there without spiked hair and a northface jacket, i'm not kidding
by lavalamper August 23, 2006
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-the forgotten borough because it dosent desserve to be a borough
-the only republican brough, (shows the stupidity)
-the whittest borough filled with annoying rich mobster asshole italians who feel theryre living in the suburbs because its to stressful in the city
Did you know that staten island is also called SHAOLIN, ha ha ha, funny
by crissant June 20, 2006
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a place where all the mafiaa people from brooklynn go to livee then decide to move to jersey. the accents are annoyingg and everyone owns a northface jacket.. the boys got to the salon (eyebrows waxed and tanning) and so do the girls. everyone on the south shore is a prostitute in training with a bellybutton ring. the southshore girls go to St. joseph sea. cheerleading and basesball are major sports here. if you lived here for about 6 months you probably gotten the finger at least 6 times. everyone is republican and drives like an asshole. everyone has italians blood in them and you probably knoe at least 7 mikes 2 angelos and 10 joeys. all the boyss act like wiggers and make up stupidd gangss. i knoe this cause i live here. in bay terris. EvErY1 tAlKs lYkEs dIsSs Onn dAa cOmPuTeRrR and smell like shitt. the island only smells by arther kill roadd.
staten island smell like crap.
by sarah daniella August 26, 2006
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The boro where the only thing exciting to do ... is to go to the mall .. walk around and act if youre buying sumthin.
Boy 1: Yo what you doin friday after skool?
Boy 2: Goin to the staten island mall
Boy 1: Nice. What about Saturday?
Boy 2: Goin to the staten island mall
Boy 1: Nice!! Where are goin Sunday?
Boy 2: Goin to the staten island mall.
Boy 1: WOW BRO! Your weekend is goin to kick ass!
by MoJoN September 17, 2005
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Boro that aint gettin respect from other boros and i dont know why. Its just another boro whea people live so its a lil diffrent from ur neighborhood. We jus are who we are we are all italians we're guidos, we're wiggers, we hav accents, we know it, it aint like we chose 2 b born hea lyk u kids from BK n queens din choose 2 b born thea but its who we are deal wit it. its also funny that most people who talk about si being all white are probly from bay ridge which is just as white as si except the arabs up in the 60s n 5th ave
i hav a staten island (statn'eyelin) accent and im dam proud of it
by southside si March 21, 2005
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