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she's classy, kind, stylish, intelligent (she attended stanford university), pretty, a good mother, down-to-earth, and most of all, an amazing actress. some of her excellent movies include legally blonde, sweet home alabama, just like heaven, and walk the line (which she won best actress for). she is my favorite actress.
by ~*~*~ June 14, 2006
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greenwich is a wealthy town, no doubt about it. you can add a whole list of other things- preppy, predominantly white, etc. but the definitions here are "a bit" exaggerated. the reality of greenwich has been fabricated here and there, and suddenly it sounds like a TV show or something...everybody is described as an inarticulate, snobby, fantastically rich druggie who acts ghetto. there are people who are some of these things, but not all of greenwich is this way. the greenwich stereotype has been taken to a new level, and greenwich is, in truth, not at all as extreme as it has been portrayed.
this is a true story: i was talking with a woman who had recently moved to greenwich (approximately 6 months ago), and she said she had encountered none of the snobbery that greenwich was famous for. this is not to say that greenwich is free of snobbery, but that for the most part, it is rarely present.
by ~*~*~ June 12, 2006
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incredibly hot actor with a sexy australian accent. intelligent, witty, so so so so so so so HOT. big roles: was in uptown girls and is now on house, m.d. on fox (he plays dr. robert chase). he was recently on tv guide's list of the hottest men on tv-- there was a big picture of him ahhhhhhhh. I LOVE HIMMMM.
Jesse Spencer is sooooooooooo hot.
by ~*~*~ June 13, 2006
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