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A trashy, short, big eyed, whore from Fort Mill, South Carolina. Known for spreading her rather fat thighs for just about anyone: blacks, whites, mexicans and even your boyfriend or husband. She was born and raised in a trailer between two little towns so that everyone got a little piece. Her daily events include: ruining others relationships, fucking, hitting up the clinics, taking care of her yeast infections, drinking and fucking some more. Candi lost her virginity by the fifth grade before sex e.d. was given and was a professional homewrecker by the time she graduated high school. Although it wasn't on time, it didn't stop her from going on with her homewrecking, piece of shit life! Currently she is living with multiple abortions, huge hips and fucking her boss with a wife and kids and doesn't even care the slightest! (thats the Grade A homewrecker in her- you dont learn that in school!) The future isn't look so good for Candi it includes: smokers voice, leather skin, being fat, divorced and poor. But hey prostitution is always legal in Vegas!
You are in a relationship or marriage and a whore named Candi comes and screws it over and fucks your boyfriend or husband.
by youfuckedourboyfriends November 21, 2011
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