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Note: A Skater Poser is NOT someone who sucks at skateboarding and/or is just beginning.

A Skater Poser is someone who claims they skate, but doesn't really. Reasons for someone being a Skater Poser include popularity and getting girls. They are usually seen carrying their boards around (some don't even own a skateboard), saying they can do tricks, and sitting around at the local park, insulting actual skaters.
*Real Skater falls doing a kickflip to nosegrind*

Skater Poser: Dude, you suck! I did that first try yesterday!

Real Skater: Let's see it, then.

Skater Poser: A cop took my board away.

Real Skater: Here, use mine.

Skater Poser: Uh, I have to, uh, check my, uh, house. I think, uh, I left my, uh, front door open.

*Skater Poser runs away*

Real Skater: Poser...
by youdon'tneedtoknowme July 05, 2010

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There's a shitload of these at my school. Anyway, wigger's are usually blonde kids that wanna be black because they heard a Tupac or Michael Jackson song. They then cut their hair short, spike it up, get some baggy-ass clothes at k-mart, then start acting like a nigger. They're pretty fun to watch because they have no clue they're making fools of themselves. They typically hang out with niggers, but the niggers just hang out with them because they're funny to watch.
Average White Kid: Hey, what in the fuck are you wearing?

Wigger Kid: Yo, man, I be listenin' to my nigga Pac, he be gettin' me all gangsta n shit!

Average White Kid: K, whatevs....
by youdon'tneedtoknowme April 02, 2010

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A dance commonly done by kids with A.D.D. or A.D.H.D. The dance is done by lifting a shoulder, dropping it down, then moving your head side to side.
My friend did the A.D.D. dance while walking towards me.
by youdon'tneedtoknowme May 05, 2010

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