90 definitions by yeltsA kciR

A cut armor that was made into a meme and a bunch of dolls in Forge mode of Halo 5.
It would be really cool to have GRD. I hope it’s in Halo Infinite.
by yeltsA kciR May 17, 2021
The only thing you type in on your way to Urban Dictionary
All you need is to type in Ur.
by yeltsA kciR May 26, 2021
āCH is how you pronounce the letter H.
by yeltsA kciR May 24, 2021
An alien native to the planet Reach, a glassed human colony world in the universe of Halo.
Gùta are visible in the Halo: Reach level Nightfall.
by yeltsA kciR June 3, 2021