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When two people are arguing about a topic and making claims that one is right and the other is wrong and one ends up being right. Yeah, that's getting IQ'd.
What is the Capitol of California?

Person 1: Sacramento.

Person 2: No its San Francisco.

Person 1: it's Sacramento trust me look it up.

*capitol of California is looked up.

Neutral Innocent Bystander: it's Sacramento.

Person 1: IQ'd. ( directed to person 2)
by ya boy. March 1, 2012
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A shameless male caucasian who drinks heavily, displays racist tendencies and engages in anti-social behaviour. The male in question may also closely resemble a warthog or a pig and provoke a natural repulsion and or hatred from the general female population.
That man is such a warthog; he just chundered and fucked a girl in the bushes.

Omg that warthog just sexually abused a girl while she was sleeping.
by ya boy. June 11, 2009
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