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Pronounced "loh-gah-tee" like that fancy car the skool kids always talk about.

The most beautiful and godly ship on the face of planet earth. How do you concoct such a masterpiece you ask? Well, you take one nerdish keyboard savvy kid (the logan) and one mildly mannered geek-type kid (the katie) and voila, you have created the perfect match!

How perfect is this match that you've created, you ask? Well, suddenly you'll realize that their parents ship them too. And then you'll realize that everyone they know ships them. And then you realize that logatie ships itself. 'U'

Just don't think about rule 68 of the internet and they'll end up together, guaranteed. ;-)
Me: Yo, has logatie sailed yet?
Friend: Nah, but they hugged yesterday
Me: O shoot, how was it?
Friend: G O D L Y
Me: *dies*
by yAbOi in disguise September 17, 2017

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Intense happiness.... Perhaps a little too happy?
Teacher: Guess what class? I've decided to give you guys A's for the rest of the semester for no reason!
Class: 'U'
by yAbOi in disguise September 17, 2017

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