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sonny is the most amazing guy u will ever meet. he has an amazing smile and i super funny. he gives great hugs and is super smart, and also has a great taste in music. once you have a sonny never give him a chance to let you go, he will make you the happiest girl in the world.
me: i want sonny back, he was my everything
my friend: just tell him u want him back!
me: no i’m to scared
by y e e ~ h a w May 16, 2019

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bethany has red hair, blue/green eyes, and is kinda thick! she is very confident and doesn’t care what others think. she can be a little mean sometimes but you have to look past that, because the more you hang out with her and talk to her you will realise what a great friend she actually is! she always protects her friends and when ever you are feeling down she will find the strangest of ways to cheer you up. if you are feeling sick she will make sure that you get the help you need. but sometimes, bethany is so focused on help others that she doesn’t realise that she needs help and comfort to. so always check with your bethany and make sure she’s doing okay. if you date a bethany you are super lucky! bethany’s love to cuddle and will give you a scrunchie if you want one! bethany will love you unconditionally and will always be loyal! she loves hugs from tall boys, and loves to play with your hair! bethany’s will always treat your family with respect because she understands the hardships of parenthood because she is the mom friend!( hence the taking care of friends before herself ) so, in conclusion, always treat your bethany’s well and check up on her once in a while! because you don’t want to lose this great friend!!
{bethany} is so thick!

i heard she loves to cuddle!
she’s an amazing friend!!
by y e e ~ h a w August 28, 2019

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