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Ahh Mount Saint Mary's, a mecca for the fake and lame individuals who really know how to get on your last nerve. The girls--tanning...anyone? or should i say everyone... by the way, your already fake baked body from the tanning salon reveals how attention starved all of you are, please.. put a shirt on for me.. thanks. a.k.a "Pearl Girl" becasue for some reason they think fake pearls are cool to wear. Dont be fooled if you see a pretty girl on campus, when she takes off that mask of makeup... youll see that beauty is not skin deep. Beware becasue they are sluts as well, I happen to know of one who has herpies, So be careful...i guess thats what happen when you fuck 8 guys one week. Oh, there is a wide epidemic effecting the mount females, they are all color blind... either that or they think the "pink" sweatpants that really rnt pink are super cool! sike... lame... Now for the complement of these fake whores, the boys-- alcoholics who spend their evening playing water pong trying to make it seem as if they are playing beer pong just to get Jesse Dorman the DA to come out... Wow, what simple minded creatures... impressive and moderatly entertianing...really... You would want to avoid Sheridan Hall at all coasts if your trying to get school work done becasue there are thousands of girls that run up and down the hallways screaming and singing "Im a Dancing Queen"... please.. ur fat... no one wants to see you dance. In additon to the dinosaur running down the hall, your fellow students are inconsiderate... they will blast thier music so it impeades your ability to function, oh wait.. whats that Im hearing right now.. EMO, i guess that paralells your insistant whining and bitching... Oh.. wait.. a rap song, please your white, turn it off. What it pretty much boils down to is that mommy and daddy arent here to whipe thier childrens asses so you will find yourself surrounded and suffocated by immaturity, lameness, excessive drinking which leads to puking passing out or just being loud beligerent and ANNOYING... geeze,learn how to hold your liquior because the god squad over at pang sounds alot better than the people Im living with. WARNING: MALE MOUNT STUDENT=RAPIST, cuz its cool to get girls drunk and have your way with them... talk about not being able to get any, do you feel big now? taking advantage?? your cool... SIKE. By the way, you wont get pregnant if your boyfriend fingers you... to all the lame people the individual who asked that question represents.. the Poster Child of Mt. St. Marys.... the little asian girl that runs around here.... Caution: if you ever chose to visit this campus.. bring one thing: MARIJUANA. To be able to tolerate the lameness that occurs throughout the day you will need plenty of pot, otherwise you'll probably hang yourself or gouge your eyes out becasue of the irony that exsists on this Catholic campus filled with the spawn of satan. Until Next Time: TaTa
Mt. St. Mary's University Students Are Lame!
by wouldn'd you like to know :P April 12, 2005
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