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A sunburn which is so severe that it takes on a purplish tint, reminding one of the TV character Barney.
A-Dude, my face hurts so bad!

B-Wow, you really sunburned it.


B-That's a serious barney burn goin' on right there.
by word woman June 20, 2009
A deuschy, annoying, pretentious ass hole who is full of himself and thinks his shit doesn't stink. His natural habitat is someplace "you've probably never heard of" He may look and smell like a hipster but in reality he just uses that as a ploy. Don't trust him. He also is a know-it-all who womanizes (hot) females by taking them out on expensive dates for 3-4 months, telling them how awesome they are, then hooks up with them and never calls them again, but can still be sighted staring at their magnificent hineys.
Baldwin Bonilla is a pretentious twat waffle, especially when he wears the cat pants.
by word woman July 24, 2014
Pronounced "Bah." This word was first seen in mainstream American culture on the television show Superstars of Dance, where the representative and judge from China used it repeatedly in his scoring, being the pronunciation for the Chinese symbol for eight. It means "eight" or can also be an arbitrary term for any unknown number.
"How many skittles do you want?"
"Ba skittles."
by word woman January 14, 2009