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The sneak attack ass grab.
*Guy innocently cooking dinner*

Girl: "Abra-ca-grab-ass!" *grabs a generous handfull of bum, then disappears*

Guy: "Was I just molested by a magician?"
by Word Burglar September 19, 2009

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Usually a group of hicks, red-necks, hillbilly's or hickabillys sitting on what used to be living room furniture, in there front lawn, porch etc., ferociously drinking booze in the blazing sun, sweating profusely as if said parties were in a sauna.
"Get out to the ghetto sauna boys, then mamas gonna hose y'all down in the back"

"duh, wheres my malt-liquer?...I got ghetto sauna sweat in my eyes!"
by Word Burglar May 15, 2009

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Seth: "Annually, an average of 240 million factory farmed turkeys will be slaughtered this week in celebration of a successful harvest season"

Janine:"You mean the turkey holocaust."

Billy:"Oh, Thanksgiving"
by Word Burglar October 09, 2010

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After sustaining an injury to a leg, knee, foot, ect. the limp required is known as a gangsta walk.
"What's with the gangsta walk?"

"I have the gnarliest gangsta walk after busting my knee yesterday"
by Word Burglar December 31, 2009

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Being confused to the point of being fussy about the issue.

"But I don't know, ummphff, why cant I get this? Waaaaa!"

"Don't get all confussed about it!"
by Word Burglar April 29, 2009

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A word to describe the distance between major intersections in a large city. The small blocks in between are not included when using this phrase.

The M can stand for Main, Major, or even Mega to describe the rough distance between two locations.
Person one: "How far is your hotel to the C.N. Tower?"

Person two: "Roughly 4 and a half M-Blocks"
by Word Burglar October 28, 2009

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A stinky penis resulting from ploughing a stink ditch.
"Smell my rank dank"
"You have a rank dank"
by Word Burglar April 15, 2009

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