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These are a classic group of horror films made by the British studio Hammer Films between the 1950's and 1970's.

Dracula, Frankenstein, Jekyll and Hyde plus Quatermass were all produced under the studio. These films are still show on TV and have a cult following. Low on budget, but big on scares. They relied on suspense often – and very effectively at that.

Peter Cushing (Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope) featured in many of the best pieces.

Hammer Horror is also a term used to describe the worst of the worst of British women, particularly those seen with too few clothes on in seaside resorts.

Quirky British songstress Kate Bush recorded a song called Hammer Horror which can be found on her excellent album ‘Lionheart.’
"I was sitting on the beach at Blackpool and this 14 stone Hammer Horror started giving me the come on! I'd have rather slept with one of the donkeys giving rides."
by Wizards Sleeve June 01, 2005

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Another of the Holy Grail sex acts to be found in select porno movies. This is where a guy gets to fist two chicks in the ass at the same time. He is wearing the rusty handcuffs.
Dude 1: "Yo! I got a great new porno. This lucky bastard gets to wear the rusty handcuffs!"
Dude 2: "That's sick man. Lend me a copy."
by Wizards Sleeve June 16, 2007

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Cosmetic surgery on the breasts to increase their size. Popular with porn starlets.
Seen Kazza? She's just had a tit upgrade.
by Wizards Sleeve June 04, 2005

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A person who is absolutely addicted to pussy and basically lives to get the next fuck. A serious medical condition and sufferers can get group support and therapy from Cuntaholics Anonymous.
Dude: "It is 78 minutes since my last fuck. I am a cuntaholic and I need help."
Therapist: "Thank you Dude, you have taken the first step to recovery."
by Wizards Sleeve September 05, 2006

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Another name for a camel toe.

When a chick's pants or knickers or swim-suit is sooo tight that she splits her beaver for you to see.
"Sweet Jesus, that slut give herself a damn fine front wedgie. Man I could count her pubes."
by Wizards Sleeve July 02, 2006

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This is a verb that means to develop by a natural process. It's also a word that some Christians have a big problem with. The Bible says it was all created but thousands of scientists working over hundreds of years have kind of got the idea that things have 'evolved' to the way they are today - and worse still, will continue to evolve into the future.

You decide; one book written pre-science followed by a lot of people some of whom have very closed minds or, open your mind to a heap of facts and some genuinely original thinking.
"Oh man, I just saw a hot chick. My dick has just evolved from a dead mouse into a rhino-horn."
by Wizards Sleeve June 11, 2005

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Noun. Spent nuts are the male testicles after having been drained of all semen. They need a prolonged period to regenerate. Typically happens after an intense session of masturbation.
Dude 1: "Wow man, I had an amazing night thinking about your mom. I got spent nuts today."
Dude 2: "WTF?"
by Wizards Sleeve November 19, 2005

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