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Possibly more annoying than a Jehovah's witness Door knocker.
PETA or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
For house pets I understand but animals we use for food,
They bitch and whine that "Killing animals is wrong!" Yet humans need protien and some of the meat eaters don't like Soy meat.
Another example, If an animal rips into your house, most people would kill it, yet the PETAphiles would capture the animal and move him to a forest...Animals are not fucking retarded, they will follow the scent trail.

PETA meaning 2
People eating tasty animals, BBQ ribs sounds good right now.

PETA meaning 3
People eating tiny animals...
O_O I cannot say anything here.
*eats Chicken mcnuggets*
Jailer 1: What you in for?
Jailer 2: I killed a cow.
Jailer 1: damn thats heavy shit, the farmer must of..
Jailer 2: No no I killed it on Minecraft and the mother fucking PETA bitched at me.
Jailer 1: what the fuck?
Jailer 2: I know... ._.
Jailer 2: Soo, what you in for?
Jailer 1: ugh, ohh fuck......*im screwed*.

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