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1. Italian for "Grand Tour"
2. A SWEET video game for Playstaion
i have gt and gt2
by who cares January 01, 2004

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Pet word said mainly by politicians and other power-thirsty species indigenous of the United States of America, often for pure demagogy, and based on the terribly false belief that "America" is synonymous with the USA, and not with the whole American continent. Less war and more geoography, for Fox's sake!
We are going to invade Venezuela because those bloody comunists have our oil, God bless America!
by Who cares February 15, 2005

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where one person takes a shit on another persons chest in the shape of a smiley face
last night i gave my partner a happy harry
by who cares June 18, 2006

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you're out of luck punk
tough luck
If this doesn't satisfy you, then all I can say is tough nuggies.
by Who cares August 03, 2004

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A place where a man cries.
They video tape it and then sell it to the black market.
by Who Cares August 06, 2003

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a new breed of a rat and a chipmunk. it eats food just like a chipmunk with a small trace of ratness. if you harm a ratmunk, it may--i mean 'will' harm you! and attack you with absolute no mercy sometimes being fatal.
ex.1: EVA, ex.2: EVA, ex.3: the one and only EVA
by WHO CARES March 20, 2005

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person that spends a lot of time posting insults on urban dictionary and has no life because they spend all their time here.
person 1: what are you doing when you get home?
person 2: going to urban dictionary duh
person 1: me too
by who cares February 28, 2005

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