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A group of retarded people
Guy 1: hey look at them. They aren’t doing anything besides standing there zoned out.

Guy 2: yea cuz they’re a vegetable garden.
Guy 1: What’s that?
Guy 2: A group of retards
by wheelie boi March 28, 2018

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when two wheelie bois dock (sticking ones dick into the others) with one another .
bully: ur mum gay
you: ur stephen hawking docking
bully: *bully's dick instantly blows up*
by wheelie boi March 27, 2018

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Someone who’s into fucking old ladies. They like to raid their “tomb”.
Guy 1: yo why you always sleeping with old ladies?
Guy 2: cause I’m a tomb raider
by wheelie boi December 17, 2019

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