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During the day, the city is full of state workers. At night, just after 5 or so, the scene changes. In the 70s, before gas reached $1 million/gallon, suburban high school kids used to cruise the loop at night (Front Street, center Square, second street, pick your connecting route, Greene Street? back to Front Street again. The Top bar used to be THE place to score 40s. Still open. It hasn't changed in years. The city is definitely getting better now, but I do miss the original Spot, mecca of all food that's bad. And seeing that Hilton Hotel where they had that seedy porno theater and that underground pool hall is really, well, shocking.
White suburban Harrisburg kid No. 1: Yo, let's go downtown.
White suburban Harrisburg kid No. 2: You drive. I'll score the 40.
by whazzup?tonepoem February 02, 2007

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