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okay so ive read all the definitions you guys have for preppy girls and myself be a preppy, blonde, hair, greeneyed girl who does fit into some of the definitions above such as being a slut and a bitch like im fully aware that i am but whatevs. but im more then just that if you got to know preppy girl you might realize shes not just some ditzy blonde with nice boobs but an actual person who might not listen to the music you think and might have edge that just isnt aparent to the eye so give preppy girls a chance cause there more then what meets the eye
people always say im pretty but i dont think i am. people say im a slut and a bitch im over it. but people dont realize that i listen to rock muusic and even though i wear abercrombie and hollister i still have my lip pierced and wear converse but yet i am still considered a preppy girl because of my always up beat attitude
by whatevs?! July 18, 2008
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