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A small high school in central tennessee that wishes it was Notre Dame. It has the same mascot and fight song and the only thing irish about this place is the overabundancy of drunks and sluts
Father Ryan lost another football game
by what? November 19, 2004

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tail! it's the opposite of head, and synonymous with "ass"
I sure would like to get some tail tonight.
by what? June 17, 2000

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1.the act of dominating an opposing force or antagonist.
2. a victory by great margins over an antagonist, usually a taunting statement
1. dude, did you watch the game on saturday.. it was Domination!
2. HAHAHA! did you see how bad we beat you!?.. that was some domination!
by what? October 23, 2004

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An Awesome band. Greatest songs: Child in Time, Highway Star, Flight of the Rat, Space Truckin'
Man it is incomprehensible how incredibly awesome that band Deep Purple is.
by what? January 23, 2004

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None of Your Fucking Business
Mommy: Billy what is your hand doing in your pants?
Billy: NYFB
by what? March 06, 2005

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This is rhyming slang for cunt and is normally used when one does something in the wrong way
Aye, you made a right James Hunt of that, you'll need to start again!
by What? February 07, 2005

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Someone who need a better server.
by What? August 29, 2003

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