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A lazy retarded monkey. If you watch this man long enough you will either see him molest or be molested.
Oh no! A dev is climbing to my bedroom window.
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by weenie boi April 10, 2017

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A little man who's nose is bigger than his body. If you don't hold his hand in a crowd he WILL get lost and walked over
Oh no! I gave birth to an Armaando.
by weenie boi April 12, 2017

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She can also be defined as a brick wall. She is very annoying and does not have many friends. Her favorite phrase is "StOp''
yo I tried to flap kyara's ass and I broke my hand. I will sue her over it.
by weenie boi April 12, 2017

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A very sweaty and salty butt crack. This man and his 2 fingers can take you around the world with or without your consent.
Yo I just got raped by an Avish.
by weenie boi April 11, 2017

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