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The Grass Type Generation V Pokemon. It's not its officical English name, yet it has recieved the name Smugleaf due to it's appearance having a half-closed eye and a smirk. Due to it's popularity building on 4chan, it has bascically become the new Mudkip.
Internet user 1: "So I herd u like Smugleafs

Internet user 2: "Don't you mean Mudkipz?"

Internet user 1: "Not anymore"
by viva riolu May 17, 2010
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This may be one of Disney's weaker films, but it is certainly far from worse. Based on Lloyd Alexander's "Chronicles of Prydain" book series, "The Black Cauldron" takes a major turn in style for Disney movies by having dark colors, no songs, and even some really scary imagry that it caused it to be the company's first PG rated film. In fact a lot had to be cut because they thought that it might get a PG-13 or R rating. The film might've been a box office failure and it's a movie Disney says their ashamed of, but the fact that it has developed a cult following shows that it has something to like in it. Check it out, and see what you like
Person 1: "You've ever seen 'The Black Cauldron'? I hear it's Disney's worst film"

Person 2: "I wouldn't be so sure on that. I've seen it, and to be fair it's not that bad. There's enough scenes that make it entertaining, including John Hurt as the awesome villain."
by viva riolu January 29, 2012
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Nickname for Detroit Lions wide reciever Calvin Johnson. Has this nickname due to the fact he has huge hands that resemble a Decepticon.
Guy 1: What's the point of watching the Lions, you know they're gonna suck as usual.

Guy 2: Don't be so hasty on your decision, Megatron has been bringing on the TD's recently. They might actually make the playoffs this season.
by viva riolu October 21, 2011
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There is no way Lewis Carroll could've written the Alice in Wonderland saga sober. I don't know what they had back in the 19th century that could get you high, but whatever it was he was doing it!
by viva riolu April 8, 2011
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I was going to have my Charizard come out last for my ace in the hole, but the bastard used Stealth Rock before I could sent it out, now I know my plan is screwed
by viva riolu November 29, 2013
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The first of the three Generation V Pokemon that wasn't revealed at first. It is the 4th member of the Musketeer Quartet along with Colbalion, Terrakion and Virizion. It is based on the mythical water demon Kelpie as well as d'Artagnan, the 4th musketeer.
It is said the Keldeo was separated from its parents in a fire and was saved by the Musketeer trio. They took care of it and helped it with their knowledge of survival. Keldeo soon left them for a unknown reason.
by viva riolu March 10, 2012
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Some random female singer that has a terrible voice that released a song called "Friday" that has become a hit on Youtube for being called by some as the worst song of all time. This is due to her terrible singing voice and lame lyrics.
Person 1: Did you hear Rebecca Black's song "Friday"

Person 2: No, is it good?

Person 1: Hell no! It sucks balls big time!
by viva riolu March 14, 2011
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