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My other answer to everything.
Peson: How... did you get up there?
Me: Magic
Me: Magic
Teacher: How did you get a perfect score on the test? You're either sleeping or talking in class and you've never ONCE done your homework.
Me: Magic.
Me: What did you want me to say? Brain steroids??
by Violetownz January 17, 2008
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The most unoriginal thing ever.
Waffles, penguins, cookies, pancakes, ect. <--Not random

Shouting these things does not make you random (aka cool). It makes you look stupid. I mean, wtf? How the hell is screaming "PENGUINS EAT WAFFLES ON MY PORCH!!!1~" random when that's exactly what the post above you said.

I am so utterly pissed off at the over-use of the word random. It puts true acts of randomness to SHAME. SHAME SHAME SHAME.
by Violetownz January 17, 2008
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1. A female pig
2. A bitchy skank-ass who everyone hates
3. A disgusting person
The Sow: *belch*
The Other Person: Sow.

by Violetownz December 28, 2007
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The best thing in the world. Fuck sliced bread.

Her music is great, she's hot, and I don't know anyone who knows about her doesn't like her.
Ani DiFranco sings my lullabies.

by Violetownz January 17, 2008
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My answer to everything.
Teacher: Why didn't you turn in your homework?
Me: Your mom.
Teacher: What do you think your doing, sleeping in class?!
Me:...Your mom.
Teacher: Any questions?
Me: Your mom... I mean, your mom?
by Violetownz January 17, 2008
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Walmart is the evil empire.
Walmart is corrupting your children.

by Violetownz January 06, 2008
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Like an antelope, with shit.
The shitalope is a majestic creature. With a long curving neck, all covered with shit.
by Violetownz January 03, 2008
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