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The coolest sweetest most intelligent and honest guy youll ever meet. knows about everything. will do anything for you. never hates or holds grudges. A guy who wants nothing more than to be happy by making those around him happy. One hell of a cook. The perfect guy, everything every woman says she wants in a man. But you will never date him, you always will find some reason or excuse why you can't, and never tell him the truth about why. No woman is allowed to be with or tell him why she can't be with him. The guy who has always been there for you when you needed him, who continually loves you and would do anything for you despite being used and abused time and again. The guy you want but whenever you let it show you have to pretend it didnt happen and accuse him of being crazy or not knowing what was going on when you asked him to sleep with you or told him how much you loved him and you were meant to be with him. He's always depressed and busy as hell, but when you need something hes there like state farm.
Dude this organic chemistry makes no sense to me, I need help, and I want to know how to cook this lamb and figure out what this cool unidentified tune is on the radio.

Just ask Dave.

Isnt he busy?

Yeah but he'll drop it to help out.

Is he still in love with that Heather?

Yeah, she totally is using him.

Yeah but he really loves her.
by vinny's June 22, 2011

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slightly larger than average fat dude who is a total psycho. Carries at least 4 knives at any given time. does not give a crap about anyone or anything. hates blacks and irish and his own brown kind for no really good reason. Funny as hell except when he wont shut the fuck up or plays little richard songs on repeat for hours at a time. doesnt know the difference between lurk and creep butg it doesnt matter because he succcessfully does both simultaneously. Often goes by the name diesel, but spells it D-sol and says its not the same.
Dude did you hear what Solis did?

What D-sol pulled a knife yelled some crazy shit in a voice that sounded like a bad Bill Cosby impression then got wasted and somehow drove home without crashing into the bike shop again?

Yeah who told you?

Nobody. Youre talking about Solis.
by vinny's June 22, 2011

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