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mac town = mckinney texas
man, did you hear mac town is the fastest growing city in the nation even though they continue to be #1 for High magazine?
by vera! February 22, 2005
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1) noun: the second meal of the day usual taken around noon.

2) he word I type when I am thinking luck.
My favorite lunch is pasta primavera.

Good lunch on your test tomorrow!
by vera! March 08, 2005
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usually a high school dropout with nothing better to do than walk around highschools trying to find lonely people that would like to fuck themselves up. be cautious because they do seem to keep in touch and inform of "new shipments" of products. generally dealing weed (dro is the most popular although there is also a lot of good schwag.) usually end up in jail at one point or another and have hairy bodies.
man, that fucking drug dealer's got some good shit if you want.
why does my drug dealer call when i'm in church?
by vera! February 07, 2005
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