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A smoking trick where a person expels an "O-shaped" ring of smoke from the mouth. Smoke rings can be formed using a variety of techniques involving controlled muscle movements in the air passages to produce the effect. Typically, a circular opening of the mouth is made and the smoke is pushed through the opening with a gentle exhaling puff made by quick movements of the toungue and throat. Rings can also be made by taking smoke into the mouth, forming a small "O" with the lips and then gently tapping on one's cheek. Blowing smoke rings usually takes practice and the best technique varies from person to person.
I always thought smoking looked cool, remembering when I watched old cartoons when I was a kid and some cigar smoking character dipped his smoke ring into his coffee like a doughnut!
by Vegawrap January 22, 2009
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n. any liquid, solid, or mystery paste that exits a bodily orifice as a result of sexual activity.
So how was it?

Pretty good, but she left my bed sheets soaking wet and shamed with her sexcretion :(

That's gross sicko.
by Vegawrap January 24, 2009
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bomb-ass hyrdoponic weed smoked honor of the 44th US President, Barrack Obama!
We celebrated the new president's inauguration with a blunt rolled with the finest hydrobama!
by Vegawrap January 22, 2009
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n. lesbian porn, only whores here, no dudes.
Rosie O'Donnell would sacrifice all the orphans in the world for a chance to get into the whorenography business. No one will allow that however, and not because they give a shit about kids.
by Vegawrap February 01, 2009
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Money given or received in a marijuana transaction; marijuana itself as a good with trade or monetary value.
To the drug dealer, marijuana isn't just pot, it's sensiscrilla.

Slangin' weed has got all kinds of sensiscrilla rollin' in for that dude.
by Vegawrap January 17, 2009
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The act of harvesting potent marijuana buds on a live plant.
Now that the buds on the plants are mature, it's time for me to get smillin.
by Vegawrap January 16, 2009
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A marijuana smoke ring. A term coined in Tacoma, WA cuz we smoke blunts all day and we got respect for the big dogg of hip hop.
Sup homie?

I just kickin' it at the crib wit a bleezie, blowin' snoop hoops at the cat, sup wit you?
by Vegawrap January 22, 2009
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