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What dumb niggers from the hood play when they're not busy contemplating who their real father is. These fatherless monkeys will all band together like a bunch of cowards and gang up on an unsuspecting victim (who is usually white but sometimes can beJewish) and attempt to knock him/her out with a single punch. Being uneducated and just all around stupid, these young niggers will proceed to get caught and prosecuted because they thought it would be a good idea to post a video of the incident online.

In response to the growing number of knockout attacks, the white people have decided to bring back a classic game called Hang Em High.
Bill: Hey, Steve, have you heard of this new game that the niggers down in the hood are playing called the knockout game?
Steve: Yeah, those stupid apes think they're entitled to do whatever they want without any consequences. Tonight me and a few guys are planning on heading down there to play Hang Em High. You in?
Bill: Absolutely!!
by urbanninjanumber2 November 24, 2013

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