2 definitions by ur moms psychiatrist

it meanskiss now or kiss later ?’
“hey john, cash or check ?”

amora, we’re @ school, so check”

“pleasssse johnnnn ? cash sounds like more fun”

“i’ll catcha later amora, i love you”

“i love you too johnothan
by ur moms psychiatrist May 12, 2020
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J.K. is a crazy guy that has all the ladies! He is probably the smartest person you know and he definitely started on the varsity basketball team in high school. He likes a lot of attention and usually finds himself falling in love with girls he cannot date. He loves parties and has the best smile. His smile and body is what gets girls interested. Even though he’s down in the books, he has a wild side and everyone is always down to have a good night with him! There is no guy better than J.K.!!
Damn kelly did you see J.K. at the party last night? He has moves!
by ur moms psychiatrist November 12, 2019
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