42 definition by ur mom

ADJ. When something is very 1337 and can be used freely with skateboard/snowboard tricks

Also a ADV. When something is done in an uber like style
ADJ - That sick ass move he did was pretty damn uber!

ADV - He busted the move uberly
by ur mom March 04, 2004

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a guy named rudy that is nudy and guy named matt that is fruity and he has a crush on him
you want nudyrudy's noodle in ur hoodle
by ur mom February 22, 2003

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A word of a person who is named michelle
Michelle was a gangsta when u did drive by eggin
by UR mom August 24, 2004

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A woman's , well, you know
jesus spent 40 days and 40 nights IN
a baron wasteland
by ur mom December 23, 2003

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a gaint man handling orc, that likes to swing his sword around ur dad
ur mom boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobies
by ur mom July 31, 2004

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JeRzy City baby! the numba wun n onli chill town fo realz
JerZy city
by ur mom December 17, 2003

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to run up behind someone and yank there pants down, underoos and all.
Eww, Dave got shanked.
by Ur MOM March 26, 2005

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