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a form of punk culture more associated with real punk (NOT afi and green day)bands, leather jackets are a staple of street punk fashion, aften adorned with pins,patches,studs and paintings of band logos. street punks typically are interested in all types of punk,'77, uk82 and oi!. tight stretch jean s, bondage pants,denim jackets with studs, pins and patches,doc martens,creepers, and converse are also commonly worn. street punk is now a term to describe real punks, who dont fit with mainstream society.Common hairstyles are ,short n spiky,mowhawks,liberty spikes, and buzzcuts. though punks may appear tough or dangerous. they are usually quite nice and open minded. punk is about doing your own thing.
uk 82 bands:gbh,exploited,abrasive wheels,adicts
77 bands: Germs,Slaughter & the dogs,Stiff little fingers,999
Oi!:Angelic Upstarts,Blitz,4 skins
street punk: casualties,cheap sex,lower class brats
by ultraviolence May 1, 2007
Lana Del Rey is God.

Never been in "flop era" .
Every album she has made was heavenly.
"Hey what's your favourite singer?"

"Lana Del Rey, duh!"
by ultraviolence August 25, 2021