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in knox t.n means not right wrong for some thing shady not cool
1-girls hair was jacked up
2- aww thats grimey cuz
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in knox it means you date that person thats your baby girl or boi. usually the basis of most gossip.
girl did u hear dyme G GO WITH that girl that look like a roach?
what? we gatta call that nigga and make sure thats the girl hes talkin bout.
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comin from eastside knox. replaceable ice out or gold teeth.take out for cleaning or while sleeping
lil dubs snatch outs is hard
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# 1 projects in eastside knox t.n.
ak~lil g bout got caught in a drive by over in walter p.
ons~ oh word? so did my brother. i dont never roll thru ther at night
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comin from the east side kno t.n. means to be bumpin like system is really loud and u lettin ya self be known
mike came through the hood wangin yesterday witth 4 12s
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some say it means 1 but i say its means a fine pimp male dude boi that dont play aloso young wun whos fine as hell asl ong as he dont open his mouth like j kwon
that wun lil g is a dyme
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