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small town in massachusetts, just south of boston. sits on the bus line between mattapan and brockton, therefore has in recent years become full of drugs and violence. Most of the people livin here are from the lower midddle class - blue collar workers but there are areas of distinct poverty mixed in.

The school systems are horrible, the high school practically has its own police force... kids who think they are gangsta like to start stuff.

Randolph is also the most diverse town in massachusetts. While there may be a lot of gangs and violence brought from the city, it is also a place where you can be accepted no matter what your race. Its not uncommon to see, black, white, and asians walking down the street together.

I live in randolph and wouldnt wanna be anywhere else... its bad, but i came form dorchester... and it isnt that bad
randolph kid 1: lets go have some fun

kid 2: ok... grab ur stuff, lets go get high and try to fuck wit those roxbury fuckers

kid 1: yeah!...

kid 3: we're gonna die
by tough bitch September 26, 2006

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