4 definitions by toms memes

When he / she says something so stupid your eyes flicker back and you enter full Harvey price moment

For example
Aaron “Yo Tom I am going to ruin redemption 2 ending to josh , tell me what happens at the end?”
Tom - “your going to ruin the game for ur self”
Aaron “oh yh
*Aaron has entered full Harvey moment*
by toms memes November 2, 2018
During a hot shit the T-shirts off and the trousers / shorts are located around the ankles.

Taking the shorts and trousers off giving you full access to stretch and move your legs around giving you full freedom

“take the shackles off”
Tom- Yo Gary u ever taken a hot shit T-shirt off

Gary - Yeah all the time, you ever tried taking the shackles off too increases mobility.

Tom- no way I will give a go next time
by toms memes August 24, 2022
Is a form of taking advantage of someone

pisstake takingthemicky
Tom:You just lost 5 -0 and had no shots on target 0% possession

Gary : Are you trying to take me for chi wa wa ?
by toms memes August 30, 2018